Master of Science in Computer Science

The Master of Science in Computer Science (MSCS) program is a research based program intended for those seeking a specialization in computing science with specialization track in (a) Applied Computing and (b) Graphics and Computer Vision.


Core Subjects

Advanced Data Structures and Algorithms
MSCSC01 - 3 units
Advanced Operating Systems and Computer Organization
MSCSC02 - 3 units
Advanced Theory of Programming Languages
MSCSC03 - 3 units
Theory of Computation
MSCSC04 - 3 units

Field of Specialization

Applied Computing
Advanced Software Engineeringssss 3 units
Advanced Database Systems 3 units
Object-Oriented Design Patterns 3 units
Language Compiler and Construction 3 units
Parallel Algorithms and Programming 3 units
Current Trend in Applied Computing 3 units
Graphics and Computer Vision
Computer Graphics 3 units
Digital Image Processing 3 units
Computer Vision 3 units
Artifical Intelligence 3 units
Data Visualization 3 units
Trends in Graphics and Computer Vision 3 units

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Tuition and Fees

Same applies to other Graduate Programs as well

Tuition Fee per unit PHP 1,364.20
Guidance Fee PHP 500.00
Registration Fee PHP 355.90
Library Fee PHP 628.80
Library Energy Fee PHP 231.55
Special Development Fee PHP 344.55
Journal Fee PHP 868.25


  • 10% of total assessment will be charged if requested within the first week (1st day during Summer) of classes.
  • 20% of total assessment will be charged if requested within the second week (2nd day during Summer) of classes.
  • 100% of total assessment will be charged after the third week (3rd day during Summer) of classes
  • No requests for refund will be honored after the second week of classes

Faculty of any school is entitled to a 25% discount

For full tuition and fees breakdown
and other inquiries you may contact us at the following contact information:

(054) 472.23.68 local 2424
or email us at

you may also visit our office at
Room P117, Phelan Bldg. inside Ateneo de Naga University from 08:00 am to 05:00 pm


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Required Documents

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