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Computer Graphics
Adobe Photoshop This module will help you get started and learn a non-destructive workflow and creative techniques in using Adobe Photoshop for print and design. The user will be first introduce...
Adobe Premiere This module will introduce the basics of non-linear video editing in Adobe Premiere Pro software. The user will be introduce to the fundamental techniques of utilizing the...
Information Security
Computer A+ Essential (Basic PC Troubleshooting)
Requirement: Basic Computer Operation
- Familiarization on Computer Parts and Functions
- Identify common PC connector types and associated...
Computer A+ Practical (Advance PC Troubleshooting)
Requirement: Basic Computer Operation
: Basic Computer Troubleshooting
- Troubleshooting Methodology
- Identify common security threats and...
Computer Network+ The Network+ ensures that the student can acquire the important knowledge and skills necessary to manage, maintain, troubleshoot, install, operate and configure basic network...
Ethical Hacking This module essentially involves the use of hacking tools, tricks and techniques to identify vulnerabilities so as to ensure system security. This course will help the...
App Development
Mobile App Development This module focuses on the basics of mobile computing with a strong emphasis on application development for either the Android or IOS platform. Trainee will be given hands-on...
UI/UX Design This module focuses on the basic design workflow and introduction to user experience design for mobile and web applications. Trainee will understand the fundamental difference of...

Short Term Courses Rates

Does not apply to Business Analytics and CISCO Network Courses.

Minimum 5 students

PHP 3,500.00per student
per day

Minimum 10 students

PHP 3,000.00per student
per day

Minimum 15 students

PHP 2,500.00per student
per day


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