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Tools for Online Teaching
Effective Presentation Design Learn to prepare compelling presentation design slides for your online class using free online and offline applications and improve your presentation skills as an instructor or...
Google Classroom Essentials Learn the essential tools and app integration in Google Classroom and other G Suite apps for education for effective online teaching and...
Lecture Video Publishing Using OBS Studio and an independent mobile app, learn the efficient way of recording and publishing your lectures for online...
Moodle Learning Platform Learn to utilize Moodle, an open-source learning platform for online mode of classes. From basic to advanced, learn the essential tools to effectively manage and deliver your...
Shared Portable Moodle Learn to utilize the Moodle Learning Platform remotely. For students with limited to none access to the internet, the Spoodle remote application can be a portable learning...
Office Productivity Tools
Adobe Photoshop Essentials Learn the essentials tools in adobe photoshop for office productivity applications. From beginner to intermediate, learn the non-destructive workflow and creative techniques for...
Advanced Spreadsheet Modelling Learn the advanced feature of spreadsheet applications such MS Excel and Google Sheet to produce sophisticated reports, perform complex mathematical and financial calculations and...
Digital Photography Essentials Learn the essential guide in digital photography using the DSLR, Point-and-Shoot, and Mobile device cameras. From beginner to intermediate, learn the basic principles in...
G Suite Productivity Apps Learn to utilize the free G Suite apps for office productivity. Maximize the essential components of Gmail, Calendar, Google Docs, and other google apps for online collaboration...
User Experience Design Learn the concept and application of user interface and user experience design. From concept to prototype, learn how to build effective and compelling ui/ux design components...

Short Term Courses Rates

Does not apply to Business Analytics and CISCO Network Courses.

10 - 14 Participants

PHP 450.00per student
per session

15 - 20 Particpants

PHP 350.00per student
per session

21 -30 Participants

PHP 250.00per student
per session

31 - 40 Participants

PHP 200.00per student
per session

41 - 60 Participants

PHP 150.00per student
per session


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